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Greeter with visitorsBig Apple Greeter is a small organization with a large, worldwide impact. Since 1992, Big Apple Greeter’s free public service has promoted New York City worldwide and helped over 120,000 visitors discover the City’s ethnically and culturally diverse neighborhoods through the eyes of those who know it best – New Yorkers. Big Apple Greeter has much to be proud of despite the ongoing financial challenges posed by a weak economy. We have worked hard to raise dollars and save dollars, all without sacrificing the quality or quantity of Big Apple Greeter’s work.

We continue to build bridges between cultures in so many ways. During the past fiscal year, approximately 7,000 visitors from 49 countries spent time with one of our volunteer Greeters. With an increase in travel to the United States from foreign countries, Big Apple Greeter’s services are more in demand than ever.

It is not only visitors who benefit from Big Apple Greeter – our City’s neighborhoods and economy also have much to gain. Big Apple Greeter promotes tourism citywide and also encourages both visitors and native New Yorkers to explore some of the lesser-known but no less interesting neighborhoods of the City.

As we look towards the future, Big Apple Greeter is committed to insuring its long-term financial stability. Please consider helping our cause by making a donation of any amount, perhaps a monthly recurring donation. Together we can continue bridging cultures, creating better understanding amongst people.

You can make a secure credit card donation through:

Donations through PayPal

donate for big apple greeter at paypal  

Or, if you prefer, please mail a check (in US dollars) made payable to Big Apple Greeter:

Big Apple Greeter
Attention: Development
1 Centre Street
New York , NY 10007

Big Apple Greeter is tax-exempt under 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to Big Apple Greeter are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Planned Giving

Leave a Legacy – Here is your chance to improve understanding and cooperation among people from different cultures and nations by supporting the Big Apple Greeter program. Help us continue to match thousands of visitors each year with our friendly and knowledgeable New Yorkers for a one-on-one sharing of ideas and customs.

We are grateful for bequests of any size. They will help ensure that we continue to show visitors that New Yorkers are passionate about their City and have a strong desire to share “their New York” with new friends around the world.

A bequest can be expressed as “I bequeath (a sum of money, or a percentage of my estate) to Big Apple Greeter, Inc., a not-for-profit organization with offices at 1 Centre Street, New York, NY 10007, for its general purposes.”

For more information about including Big Apple Greeter, Inc. in your estate plans, please call Director of Development at 212-669-3146 or mail us at the address above.

If you have already provided for Big Apple Greeter in your will, please let us know by writing us at the same address.

In Honor/In Memory

  • Make a donation in honor or in memory of family, friends, and Greeters.


  • Make a monthly, recurring donation to ensure that Big Apple Greeter receives ongoing support.

Matching Gifts

  • See if your company has a matching gift program, which can double or triple your contribution to Big Apple Greeter. We’ll let you know in writing when we receive the match.

Stock Transfer

  • Donate appreciated stock rather than cash through a brokeage transfer.

What Visitors Say

“..When I first visited New York, I was nervous about riding the subways, walking down side streets and going into areas that I had ‘heard’ about. Our Big Apple Greeter took away all of those fears and I visited New York this past summer again with new eyes.”
Visitor from Calgary, Canada

“…Big Apple Greeter is a wonderful idea and thanks to all the volunteers, you don’t only visit a great city, but you share a great human moment. And in these critical times… all around the word, it just makes you happier.”
Visitor from Le Harve, France

What Volunteers Say

“..I love meeting people from different cultures and nations, and there is always a lot to learn from them. It is a mutually beneficial experience, not just for the visitor, but also for the Greeter. The exchange of ideas and customs only leads to better communication and understanding amongst people. Who knows…it could lead to world peace!”
Greeter Andrea C.

“We welcome visitors with a warm and friendly experience that they would rarely find anywhere else.”
Greeter Linda J.

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