Neighborhood Information Profiles

Neighborhood Information Profiles were developed as a way for visitors to get acquainted with more New York City neighborhoods. Use them to help plan your own visit to that neighborhood, or read them as a way to get to know New York City better. Either way you’ll enjoy the history, attractions, shopping, restaurants, background information and map you will find in each Profile.

Each Profile was researched, photographed, written and graphically designed by Big Apple Greeter volunteers.

Get to know New York City as we know it – as a city full of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct personality, each waiting to be explored and savored. Links to all our neighborhood information profiles are listed further down on this page, grouped by borough.

(Due to Tropical Storm Sandy, some of the attractions may not be operating and visitors should contact specific sites directly before visiting.)

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BRONX Welcome to The Bronx where people like Edgar Allan Poe and Mark Twain lived — and break dancing and salsa music were born!

BROOKLYN Brooklyn is big, it’s diverse, and it’s got something for everyone.

MANHATTAN “I’ll take Manhattan!” says the famous song. With so much to see and do, who wouldn’t want to explore Manhattan?

QUEENS Multi-ethnic Queens has it all: world cuisines, art and culture galore, world-famous tennis, and more.

STATEN ISLAND Surprising Staten Island! Visit Revolutionary War sites, gloriously beautiful parks and botanical gardens, and some of the best views in New York.



New York City is not a city of concrete. In fact, it will surprise you with its rich agricultural history and hidden areas that are still farmed today. These 3 Neighborhood Information Profiles will introduce you to green side of New York City.

Big Apple Greeter wishes to acknowledge the generous support of New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.


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Photos: Bernard Saper
Agricultural Heritage Photo: Robert Sands