Neighborhood Merchant Program

Big Apple Greeter’s 2013

Neighborhood Merchant Program Benefits


    Bringing Visitors to Your Neighborhoods

 Yearly Membership Fee – $150

As a participant in the Neighborhood Merchant Program, you will receive recognition in the following communications:

  • Greeter Email Announcements: over 300 Greeters will receive weekly updates with the names and addresses of merchants who have just joined the program.
  • Big Apple Greeter e-Newsletter: merchants will be listed in Big Apple Greeter’s quarterly e-newsletter’s masthead and promoted in a feature story; our newsletter is emailed to over 21,000 contacts, including approximately 18,000 visitors.
  • Big Apple Greeter Website:  a merchant page located on Big Apple Greeter’s website will feature your company name and logo, as well as a reciprocal link; our website receives approximately 15,000 hits each month.
  • Big Apple Greeter Social Media: merchants will be announced on Big Apple Greeter’s Facebook page, which has over 1,700 likes, and on our Twitter page with over 1,300 followers.
  • Big Apple Greeter Decal:  merchants will receive a “We Support Big Apple Greeter” decal to display in their storefronts, attracting Greeters and visitors to their establishments.

Big Apple Greeter’s Neighborhood Merchant Program offers many tangible benefits:

 Reach an important target audience of visitors from all 50 states and over 120 countries. Visitors, as well as New Yorkers, want to discover places off the typical tourist path.

  • Build loyalty, credibility and neighborhood image through association with Big Apple Greeter.
  • Demonstrate your organization’s generosity and community leadership.
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For further information, please contact Big Apple Greeter Bob Moore at or by mail at 1 Centre Street, New York, N.Y. 10007.